Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm huge in Australia.

Here's a little thing your host did for ABC-Australia radio that just went up on their site. I prattle on at times, and there's one point where I sort of get caught up in my own syntax (which won't surprise any of you who read this blog religiously), but if you're looking for something to fill an hour between the football game and the World Series, you might give it a shot. Although the nominal topic is "envy," there's some interesting banter on women's magazines, men's magazines, body image, the James Ray tragedy, etc.

I've done some nice media work for the Aussies, and they've actually stuck with me and SHAM longer than most of our major markets here, in terms of offering me mass-market exposure. They're probably still guilt-ridden over having unleashed Rhonda Byrne on an unsuspecting world...


Mardi said...

Steve, I'm an Aussie and I have to say, I absolutely love your work. I am re-reading SHAM for the third time in as many years (there is something very compelling about it). I hope our support gives you an incentive to visit us here.

With warm regards from Sydney,


Cosmic Connie said...

I love Aussies! From what I have seen, they have been super-supportive of efforts to expose the negative aspects of the self-help industry. Compared to some factions in the U.S., our friends Down Under are often the very voice of common sense and reason. And, though I know you were being at least semi-facetious with your Rhonda Byrne remark, Steve, the truth is that our friends in Oz have no reason to feel even remotely guilty about The Secret. After all, with the exception of the infamous David, Rhonda mined the U.S. for her talking heads. (And just look at the "nuggets" she unearthed.) I look forward to going to Oz myself someday and meeting some of the wonderful folks who have contributed to the efforts to "fight the good fight."

And now I'm off to listen to our good host on ABC-Australia. :-)

Steve Salerno said...

Connie: Never claimed I was "good."

RevRon's Rants said...

"Never claimed I was "good."

Just "huge," eh? I didn't think it was that kind of blog... :-)

David said...

Steve. I loved that segment on envy you did. In fact, although I was aware of on my early morning radio, it wasn't till I saw the link on your blog that I went and put that whole series on my ipod.
I'm re-reading SHAM myself again and your blog continues to provide connections for me in this area. Valuable to me because I have been watching the Self-help industry for a long time and it's past due that someone with your wit and literary skill has articulated what a lot of us have suspected for a long time: 98% of Self-Help is no help at all.