Monday, November 16, 2009

My dog Skip? Or, welcome to your host's tortured psyche.

This post is apropos of nothing*, but for the past week or so I've been having a series of dreams in which the creature shown at righta capybara, which might best be described as a 100-pound South American guinea pigalways plays a central role of some sort. The "plots" of my dreams differ but my pal Cap is always in it, somewhere. Last night, for instance, I was being chased through the American Southwest by a Carvel truck (which is weird enough already, if you think about it), and the giant rodent was in the passenger's seat, just looking on absently. He seemed amused.

Never had such dreams before the past few weeks...and yet I've been having 'em almost every night since. Anybody got any ideas? Anybody see the (truly eerie) film, The Mothman Prophecies? Ya think...?

(Oh, to answer your probable question: There was a period of my life when I was fascinated by obscure species of animals. That's how I got to know what a capybara is in the first place.)

By the way, here's an interesting vid I found of someone who owns a capy as a pet. Even if you don't watch the whole thing, you owe it to yourself to fast-forward to the 5:15 point and check it out. Simply hilarious.

* Detractors might say that about a lot of what appears on SHAMblog.


renee said...
Why not? It offers as good a guess about "meaning" as you'll get anywhere. (Although I doubt they have a capybara entry.)

Martha said...

I'm reminded of The Princess Bride and its RUS's (rodents of unusual size).

RevRon's Rants said...

New meds, perhaps? Or perhaps some unresolved issues with obscure forms of animal life? :-)

My most frequently recurring dream has me relieving myself in odd and inappropriate locations like a fountain in the middle of a busy mall, or running naked through a crowded park, marking trees while trying to be inconspicuous. But I inevitably awaken with the immediate realization that I shouldn't drink most of my day's supply of water in the evening, watching movies before bed. :-)

RevRon's Rants said...

I should note that I'm not being judgmental in my question about unresolved issues with obscure life forms. I've had numerous dreams over the years involving Klingon women. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that they were simultaneously titillating and unsettling. Then again, they might have been a side (or perhaps primary) effect of meds... :-)

Steve Salerno said...

Ron: I notice that nakedness is a central theme with you in general of late, beginning with the new photo. ;)

RevRon's Rants said...

What's with your obsession with imagining me being naked in my photo, Steve? I could understand it if it were Connie, Eliz, or one of the other attractive women that hang out here, but... :-)

I mean, you asked, and I answered. And for the record, the photo was taken on the deck at a friend's beach house, in plain view of a road, neighbors, etc. :-)

Steve Salerno said...

Geez, Ron, now that you mention it...maybe my issues run even deeper than bestiality, huh? ;)

RevRon's Rants said...

That light bulb finally flicked on, eh Steve? :-)

Now, when you start seeing cults wherever 3 people share an idea, we'll worry. For now, I think you're on reasonably healthy mental ground. And on some level, I guess I feel flattered. :-)

Cosmic Connie said...

I will not comment on Ron's profile pic. ;-)

Now, I hate to bring something mundane into this sublime discussion, but on CBS' Early Show last week, Ron Magill of the Miami Metrozoo brought several wild animals to the set, including a monkey of some sort, some cute little lion cubs, a beaver (yes! on network TV!) and a baby capybara. Could it be, Steve, that you either watched this show and forgot it, heard about it and forgot it, even more intriguing notion...somehow picked up on it in the ethers?

[sorry about the long link; in too much of a hurry to tinyurl it and I still don't know how to insert a live link into these comments]

In a rare bit of blogging synchronicity (or something) my pal Mojo at the Craptacular blog wrote a post today about her butt, and in that post she included a link to...hold on to your hats...a beaver video.

Rational Thinking said...

It seems to me entirely obvious that the capybara is in fact your totem animal :-)

Elizabeth said...

Here I am, trying to compose a thoughtful comment on women's magazines, while you all have moved on to nightmares -- and obscene ones at that... Sigh.

I have meant to write a post on nightmares this week -- so the blogging synchronicity Connie mentioned applies here as well, I suppose. :)

Steve, I'm inclined to agree with Ron: a possible side effect of a new medication? If you are on one, of course.

(But an amused capybara? Hm. The most obvious conclusion is that you have unconscious conflicts centered on incestuous desires directed toward your mother, originating in your Oedipal phase.*)

I've been on several new meds since the surgery in March and have had amazing dreams. Because I am an introvert,** my dreams are heavily populated and full of adventures. The new meds have only intensified them. Waking up is a disappointment sometimes.

Speaking of dreams, and nightmares in particular, there is an interesting article in the last week's New Yorker. Here is its synopsis (full text is not available on-line).

*Kidding, in case it's not obvious.

**This is a Jung's finding***: that introverts have extraverted dreams, and vice versa. Holds true in my experience.

***Thought you may want to know. ;)

Dreams R Us said...

Capybara= large rodent= Pest.

Feeling pestered lately Steve?

Carvel truck= carries large amount of sweets.

Have you been worrying about your weight? Or are you're running from things that may give you pleasure (i.e. you're working too hard. Give yourself a break)

American Southwest= desert= warmth, dry, barren landscape

Fighting a creative dry spell? Longing for warmth (either literally or figuratively)? Or maybe all that reporting on James A. Ray and the Sedona incident has brought that into the picture.

Jenny said...

Cute video. I also like this one, of a capybara barking. Better turn up the volume, though. :)

Dog Skin Problems said...

i like the dreammoods book. i really like reading it specially when I had a bad dream. :) thanks for links I enjoy watching it =)