Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Ray still gunning?

A few days ago a gentleman named Roman contacted me (as well as others in the growing anti-guru movement) with regard to a problem he's having with James Ray International. You can read the skinny here, but basically Roman is upset over the $1500 he says he prepaid for a pair of tickets to James Ray's Harmonic Wealth Weekend, which, as per the literature he received at the time of purchase last year, would've kicked off tomorrow in San Francisco at a venue "TBD." Inasmuch as the venue has never been D'd, Roman would like his $1500 backwhich seems a reasonable request under the circumstances. I would think that the seminar leader's having recently been incarcerated on a multiple-manslaughter rap (for which he still must face the music) would supersede the terms of any three-day cancellation provisos.

I called all of the numbers I could find for Ray and his handlers and minions, and was unable to make any headway. Several of the numbers just rang a few times and then...stopped. I even phoned around coastal San Diego to an assortment of numbers variously listed to "James Ray," "James A. Ray," "J. Ray," etc. No luck...though I did meet some very nice, infinitely patient people who claim that they are not, and have never been, James Arthur Ray. I believed them.

What's interesting, though, is that
imagine my luck!apparently it's not too late to get in on the good times in some secret part of San Francisco. I went to the Ray site today and registered for the event myself, getting as far as the screen where I'm asked to confirm payment. I gave my address as "2010 Shambloggian Way" in "Truth or Consequences, New Mexico"; I thought that was a nice touch. I was offered a $200 discount for ordering "today," and would also receive, the site says, a free copy of Ray's The Science of Success Learning System, a "$117 value." The total cost, with all my discounts and freebies, would be $1,097. I'll upload a screenshot of that page once I figure out how.

For fairly obvious reasons, I didn't want to click past that screen. That's all I need.


Anonymous said...

If Roman paid by credit card he might want to contact the credit card company for the possibility of a refund--he's not going to get one any other way, have you read the refund policy on the JRI site?

I notice that James Ray is only accepting cheques and money orders for registrations for his next why would that be, I wonder.

NormDPlume said...


Why don't you register Todd Davis, the CEO of Lifelock who is always giving out his Social Security number (457-55-5462)in his radio commercials.

This way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Steve Salerno said...

Norm: Good point. Oh, that guy makes me queasy.

Markus said...

Seminar companies are notorious for not giving refunds. I remember ordering a tape set years ago and a month later, having not yet received it, I rang to ask why. They said it was sold out but when I asked for my money back they refused because "we don't give refunds." It took a lot of phone calls and legal threats but I finally got my money back.

Cosmic Connie said...

Steve, good for you for following up for "Roman," but I think the question of whether or not ANYONE will get a refund at this point has pretty much been answered by James "I don't have a company any more" Ray:

It's really pretty sickening.

Martha said...

I'm just wondering why you had to drag New Mexico into this! :-)

Anonymous said...

Roman, a class action complaint to get refunds has been filed in Arizona and is in the works. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe it is up and he is TAKING REGISTRATIONS! Where is this event going to be, held in someone's home? No legit hotel would have him right now, too much liability! Maybe the local motel on the corner? LOL

And the check or money order thing is hysterical! He's likely lost ALL of his ability to process credit cards with all the refund demands and ripping people off by not delivering after taking their money!

I can't believe people are stupid enough to give him money at this point. Incredible!