Wednesday, April 21, 2010

JAR is at it again. He wants to transform my life. (Or maybe end it?)

The latest email from James Ray:

"Come join me on my new list and receive free video's, mp3's and other resources to transform your life.

"Before we begin sending you the information you requested, we want to be certain we have your permission."
The email then provides a link that takes you to material that could easily be interpreted as (at least) a soft sell for more James Ray magic.

Also, while boun
cing around Ray's site, I came across some free inspirational ecards. The first of them bears the title "3 for 3." How odd and ironic that the phrase tallies precisely with the number of coffins that needed to be readied for the unfortunates who died in his sweat-lodge debacle, after being subjected to intense psychological pressure to stay the course. That's my read anyway, as explained at length in a previous post.

Clearly, in some tantalizing numerical sense, James Ray is indeed in harmony with a universe of his own making.

NOTE: The coffins depicted are not the actual coffins from the Sedona tragedy, and should not be interpreted as such. These are difficult subjects to handle, and it is not my intent to cause additional pain to any of the bereaved family members.


Anonymous said...

He's touting hard for new business on YouTube also, makes you wonder how he's going to fulfil his business obligations for his 'teaching events' as there is already a class action against him by customers who've lost out on their advance payments.

roger o'keefe said...

Steve, in fairness I thought you said you were going to let the man have his day in court before piling on with further judgments?

Steve Salerno said...

Roger, your point is taken, but when--in my view--he continues to compound the original offense by acting in this manner, I think that behavior is ripe for comment.

Steve Salerno said...

NOTE TO CONTRIBUTORS: I am having a major problem with "comments." They don't appear for my approval in timely fashion, and when I attempt to approve them, I get an error message. This has been going on, sporadically, since mid-yesterday. Your patience is appreciated.

Cal said...

I just happened to catch part of the Dateline story on JAR tonight. I came in on the part where the people starting passing out. I was wondering if anyone saw the whole thing and if I missed anything important up to that point.

Steve Salerno said...

Cal, it is with some dismay and profound embarrassment that I must confess: I forgot the show was on. Totally blanked on it. Didn't even think to DVR it ahead of time. Wow.

Cal said...


The wonders of modern technology. Who needs to Tivo it? It looks like the story can be viewed here:

Haha.. It's under "Deadly Retreat".

I haven't looked at it yet, but I will.