Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Living in the Flow'? How 'bout 'Dying in the Desert'?

UPDATE, Thursday, April 15. Just got another email from my new friend James Ray, this one with a cheery video embedded.

I happen to disagree with some of those who've commented here, because if this is a "strategy," it's a piss-poor one. One of Ray's lawyers (or someone) needs to tell him that with each new solicitation he sends out
or fails to prevent from going out, if these are indeed being generated automaticallyhe probably tacks on another month to his sentence, or another few hundred grand to the eventual jury award(s) against him. Is it even possible to look more venal or lacking in conscience?


I confess, I haven't been staying on top of the James Ray debacle as well as I ought to
and I haven't been able to fully keep up with what others have been posting, eitherso I may be late to this party. (I'm working frantically on something new/potentially big again.) But I find it astonishing (albeit not entirely shocking) that Ray is still putting himself out there, trolling for new business, at a time when he's facing not just that pesky manslaughter rap, but a growing welter of lawsuitsnow including a class actionover his failure to provide refunds to his existing customers for events that never took place.

In fairness to Ray, it would be one thing if he limited his overtures to the Web; you could make a case that those sites/pages were up long before the unpleasantness of last fall, and he simply hasn't taken them down. Thus any ongoing business prospecting would be passive, as it were. But yesterday, presumably because I registered for that event last month, I received from him an email with the subject line "Putting it into practice." As follows:

Dear ,*

I trust you're enjoying the series on Seven Factors for a Fulfilling Life and that you're getting very clear on who you are, why you’re here, and what you choose to accomplish.

Hopefully you’re also at minimum thinking about who can be a mentor in your life, and why it’s vitally important to have one… and if you've chosen that person that's even better!

Now it’s time to put some of these discoveries into action. Please check out the next video in your series entitled Practices.

Click here to watch:

Have a magnificent and masterful day,

James Arthur Ray

P.S. I have a new partnership with Business Broadcasting for a new live and interactive internet radio show called "Living in the Flow" starting in May. Stay tuned for updates and information

P.P.S. What topic would you like me to discuss on my new show? What question do you need answered? Send your input to and I'll be sure to cover your topic and answer your questions.

If you're reading this, James, I have a question: Just how big a set of cojones does it take to continue to pretend things are business-as-usual? S

* That's exactly the way the email arrived: with a blank space after "Dear." The personal touch.


RevRon's Rants said...

I've been following Ray's Twitter comments for the last few weeks, and am increasingly convinced that he is trying to build a competency defense. His tweets are at best obscure, and indicate a complete lack of comprehension as to the repercussions of his actions.

Either a) the cheese has slid off his cracker, b) he is literally a caricature of a textbook sociopath, or c) his attorneys are advising him in a way that will ensure his conviction (or institutionalization).

Whatever his "plan" might be, his comments grow more desperate sounding as he continues.

Steve Salerno said...

Ron: I think that's an interesting lens on all this. Particularly: Is there an overarching agenda here? A method to Ray's madness?

Steven Sashen said...

SS... if you're going to cut JR some slack for not simply not having gotten around to finding/removing a few web pages, then it doesn't really make sense to criticize him for not having found/removed the autoresponder connected to those pages.

Nonetheless, I've also watched in amazement as JR continues to try keep on keepin' on.

And I have wondered how people who would sign up for whatever he does next can possibly rationalize doing so... in part, obviously, because of the sweat lodge incident, but even more because this event revealed that even HE cannot demonstrate the efficacy of his "teachings" (because they're complete hogwash).

RevRon's Rants said...

Well, I think it's pretty obvious that there's a madness to his methods. Whether the inverse is true... we'll just have to wait and see.

As to Ray's overarching agenda, I would suggest that it is pretty straightforward: Saving his ass (and, of course, his cash flow).

Steve Salerno said...

SS: So you're telling me that the autoresponder associated with his site finally got around to autoresponding to my inquiry...nearly a month later? Because I haven't been in touch with Ray (or visited his site in any identifiable way) since I "signed up" for his San Francisco seminar in March.

Am I missing something? I concede that my techno-knowledge is below par.

Steven Sashen said...

Yes, you can set up an autoresponder to send out emails automatically at any interval, and I'd take the bet that when you signed up JRs site automatically placed you in an autoresponder sequence.

Anonymous said...

I got the same email and its obvious that this set of auto responder messages refer specifically to James Ray's latest set of desperate shill videos now playing on YouTube and on his site.
I also tried to sign up for his SF and Chicago events, these were posted only a month ago on his website so are not pages that he neglected to take down. The guy is still hoping that people will send him money orders for his non-events.
The clumsy amateur lack of personal title in his latest email auto-responder sequence tells me that James Ray has set this up himself without the help of his employees who would have the tech knowledge to insert the personal greeting.
No excuses for him, he's still trying to sell himself as a viable guru and unbelievably is still probably getting a few takers willing to be parted from their cash if not their lives.

Anonymous said...

He is a sicko for sure! The lack of customization is likely because Ray can't program an autoresponder. He can't afford a staff these days, he's using that money to continue his Botox shots.

I love the analogy, his cheese has slid off his cracker. Could be! LOL I think that his tweets and these videos are to get money. He's obviously using not so subtle psychological manipulation to plant himself in people's minds as their "mentor". He is one scary dude!

You've got to see the ego stroking, worshiping comments on his FB page! It's worth befriending him just to read them! He's desperate for friends, he is accepting requests!