Friday, July 30, 2010

The King and his cohort.

Tony Robbins does Larry King tonight in connection with the launch of his new NBC show, Breakthrough, which didn't: It premiered this past Tuesday and promptly tanked. I was unable to watch, as I was in California on other matters, as most of you know. King, as most of you also know, has given Robbins plenty of air-time through the years, and has unfailingly treated The Big Guy with kid glovesas is King's wont in dealing with the gods and goddesses of the New Ageletting TR et al slide with hifalutin mumbo-jumbo that the famed CNN host would never abide in silence if it emerged from the mouth of some politician, think-tanker or other "serious" guest. Indeed, King would have to be ranked second only to Oprah as SHAMland's biggest and most unapologetic enabler.

I'm going to try to get through as a caller. I have a question or two for Tony. Or maybe Larry, too, for that matter.


Cal said...

Haha..Your attempt to make it through as a caller makes me want to watch or tape it now. If you do get through, I hope you can somehow let us know your secret. I know the call screeners at CNN probably won't let you through if they detect a tricky question for Robbins and/or King to answer.

Cal said...

I forgot to ask the question: Isn't Tony Robbins 20 years behind the time when he should have launched a talk show? I guess Oprah didn't start a farm system for her favorite guests until this century. Otherwise, he would have been the first one to get a show.

For people who came of age in the late 80s and early 90s, he's the father (now grandfather) of SHAM. I would think most people under 25, maybe 30, don't even know who he is. I remember a time late at night when it seemed like you couldn't miss one of his informercials.

Steve Salerno said...

As quoted in SHAM, Robbins once claimed that since April 1989, there has never been a 30-minute period when one of his infomercials wasn't airing somewhere. But you're right, Cal, that was a while ago. He must seem terribly "old school" to admirers of Byrne, Katie and the like.

Anonymous said...

DimSkip here, blogger is telling me I'm entering an incorrect password and not allowing me to post, so gonna try it anonymously...

"If you do get through, I hope you can somehow let us know your secret."---Cal

His secret??? Why, I would think that would be obvious... Steve's secret would be "THE Secret." He just has to WANT IT enough to attract the outcome of them accepting his call.


Cosmic Connie said...

It could be argued that the real "grandfather" of modern SHAM is Scientist Bob Proctor, now in his 80s and still going strong. He continues to peddle his derivative crap, often in conjunction with other "Secret" stars such as Mr. Fire and James Arthur Ray.

Granted, Scientist Bob was never as flamboyant as Robbins and never really did the infomercial circuit; nonetheless, he is filthy rich from a lifetime of pushing platitudes.

I agree that Robbins is kind of old school, relatively speaking, but I am pretty sure that anyone who is into selfish-help at all -- and that would include the younger generation -- has an idea of who Tony Robbins is.

By the way, I got a real kick out of the first comment that appeared under the article you linked to, Steve, re the tanking of Tony's debut:

"Bummer, Tony’s show was great-
However, it may be 'too real' for the slouches that make up the viewing public-

"To bump the ratings he will need to 'dumb it down' for the masses…"


As one of those slouches, I'm not sure how that show *could* be made any dumber.

Cosmic Connie said...

I forgot to mention, Steve, that I'm sending love and light and positive thoughts and affirmations and magickal intentions your way so you can get through and talk to Tony and Larry.

If you can't get through to them, all is not lost. Someone somewhere in SHAMland is *always* having a teleseminar or something. Not quite the same as a major show on CNN, but it's a start. Maybe you can get through to James Ray during his next "open frame" conference. Judging by his Twitter page, he's having one right now as I write this. He has promised to answer participants' "most burning questions."

Steve Salerno said...

If he ends up in the slammer, he himself may have a persistent burning sensation to deal with.

Wayne S. said...

Since the subject has drifted back to the sweat lodge death incident, I'm wondering if anything happened from the corner of the congressman who was calling for mandatory regulation of all LGATs. The only thing I've seen on line is a weak proposed law limiting sweat lodge usage to valid native American tribes. Does anyone know anything?

Steve Salerno said...

Wayne: I do not, and I feel remiss. Rest assured I'll find out the status of things as soon as possible.

Mike Cane said...

What do you mean you couldn't see it? What kind of lame 20th-century excuse is that?! It's on HULU!

I've seen it. REALLY want YOUR take on it.

Cal said...

Here's a link to blog that posted a video where Tony Robbins talks about mentoring an unnamed well-known stock market trader. It's a fairly long video at approximately 23 minutes. The blog writer indicated who he thinks that TR is referring to.

I'm not commenting on the wisdom of TR's remarks on the market (he might be right or wrong, but that's what makes the stock market as there as two sides to every trade).

But isn't it unusual for a positive thinker to be very negative on something like this? I would think their mantra is to be positive no matter what.