Friday, September 03, 2010

The glory of The Pow-errrrr?

Consider this a further UPDATE on my post of August 24. Leaving aside conspiracy theories, I suppose it's just "one of those things" that all three headline reviews of The Pow-errrrr are now positive. Mine seems to have been bumped from the front page.

There is, however, some diversity of opinion among those three reviews: Two of the reviews are 5-star, and one is 4-star.

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Vera Keil said...

Your blog is well done and your efforts to keep shill-type reviews off Amazon admirable, but probably sweeping the ocean at this point.

Amazon publishes comments to move books. Publishers publish nonsense to make money. Scam artists write new age books to live well without working hard or being accountable for their products.

There needs to be some way for corporations to make money through skepticism before skepticism will be widely promoted. On my blog I trace my own involvement with self-deluding nonsense back to the psychological disfunction of my caregivers. If more people realized that their attraction to invisible products has everything to do with their murky childhoods, we might see a diminution in their enthusiasm. Or, maybe not.

My blog is