Wednesday, November 03, 2010

And, in a further New Age/Conservatism parallel...

A line from one of my editors this morning: "What never ceases to amaze me about the Conservative movement is its ability to con gullible people into voting against their own best interests. It succeeds at this time and again."

I am reminded of the young man in my ABC special, "Mind Games," who was already broke but kept signing up for New Age seminars so he could "attract" the money to pay his bills and, ultimately, find the wealth he has so long coveted.

A very sad phenomenon in both cases: the privileged duping the pliant.


Karl said...

You have to admire (or not) the American voters' Opus Dei like propensity for frequent political self-flagellation.
It is naive in the extreme for the weary disillusioned American voter to think that political salvation will come with this crop of ignoramuses, looney tunes and fruitcakes.
Hey, as anyone in England will tell you you can't have a tea party without a fruitcake.
There are no political messiahs anymore. Wake up to the fact that these dullards we elect don't have our best interests at heart nor do they have the solutions to what ails us and the challenges we face.

Anonymous said...

We love you Americans but you are apparently crazy. You finally put this reasonable and brilliant man in office and then two years later you are so impatient for a perfect solution to the near impossible problems he inherited that you vote in a whole slate of people from the ideology that created those problems. Do you not realize that Europe is laughing at you?

Steve Salerno said...

Anon: Just Europe...?