Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why writers and editors are still necessary. Lesson 278.

"Joe Vitale is an explosive"?

But read the entire release. Was this, like, translated from English to Mandarin and back again?


RevRon's Rants said...

Sounds like Jar Jar Binks interviewing Yoda Vitale. I find it hypnotic. Makes me want to shave my head, lease a Rolls, and tell everyone I'm a star. A very highly evolved star. But humble.


Cosmic Connie said...

Isn't the Internet wonderful?

According to the part of the copy that I could actually understand, this "interview" took place in 2002. No doubt the interview itself has been up on the Net since then, in various forms and on various sites. But the "writer" says that the interview took place "four years ago," which would indicate that this particular article was originally generated in 2006 (unless the author is as number-impaired as he is English-impaired). It is supposedly Part 2 of 3, but there's no link to Part 1 or Part 3 that I can see.

This site appears to be one of those total wastes of bandwidth that someone probably started as a result of being fooled by some smarmy Internet Marketer/SEO "expert" (such as those to whom our pal Salty Droid pays tribute on his blog). I'm guessing that whoever owns this site (I guess I could look it up, but I'm too lazy) thought he could make tons of money by sending a bot or some egregiously underpaid English-impaired humans out over the Net to gather "content." I'm not sure exactly how all of these things work -- perhaps a more SEO-literate SHAMblogger could provide some insight -- but there's a lot of this type of crap on the Net.

For some more stunning examples of creative English usage, simply follow the "Blog Authors" link at the top of the page, and try to read the two most recent articles. For example, there's this, from the January 15, 2011 article, titled, "How to write the article on Business Ethics for Professionals":

"Because of the economic collapse and the world headquarters abuse which was certainly part of the problem, there have been more and more articles on business magazines, newspapers, business and ethical online marketing professionals. In fact, they actually teach business ethics classes, now at Yale and Harvard and Wharton Business School. It's about time, as some say. Fortunately, I am an anti-capitalist, butis [sic] time, I agree."


That last bit seems like kind of a weird thing to have on what appears to be a pro-bidness site, but there you are.

Or follow some of the links on the right-hand side of the page. Some of the articles actually make sense and are obviously written by different folks. But I couldn't see any attribution on any of them.

This is eye-rolling to be sure. But to me, this piece is as much a statement about the devaluation of professional writing as it is about Mr. Fire's egomania. As we've discussed here before, the nonstop creation of "content" now trumps careful word-crafting.

Steve Salerno said...

Great points all, Connie. And yet you and I contribute to the steady devaluation of professional writing by churning out tons of "amateur" (i.e. unpaid) content--otherwise known as our respective blogs. I guess we do this because we get a payback in some other area (a little corner of heaven?) and/or because, surely at first in my case, we expect our free content to generate interest in our not-so-free "larger works." Still, there's no question in my mind that simple supply-and-demand comes into play: The more words all of us put out there, the less value each word has. Especially since the average person no longer reads with an eye toward "literature"--if the average person ever truly did.

OTOH, perhaps we sell this author short. Maybe he or she did indeed intend to be taken literally: Perhaps Joe Vitale is "an explosive," and we're simply assuming, based on our own cynical preconceptions, that the writer misspoke. Certainly Joe's head seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and may one day explode...

RevRon's Rants said...

I just figured out who's behind all this! It's "Peggy" from the credit card commercials. Probably got the gig by making a wish upon one of Yoda's wish dolly pictures. Is happy time! :-)

Voltaire said...

Wow, Steve really uncovered a real gem of prose floating in the toilet of the internet. I can't figure out which sentence makes me giggle the most; I think I'm going to pass this around to some of my friends so they can laugh at it.

This prose is so awful I'm wondering if it was generated by some automated program such as the Corpspeak generator at The problem is every automated prose generator I've experimented with seems to generate grammatically correct sentences which is an attribute lacking in this press release.