Tuesday, February 22, 2011

But there is an 'i' in Ponzi.

I can't let this day pass without noting a Twitter movement that appears to be trending among the gurus of empowerment, wherein they play with words and meanings in a manner thatI supposeis meant to be inspirational. This sort of thing has been going on for a long time, of course"There's no i in team!" comes to mind, among dozens of othersbut I've noticed an unusual number of related tweets in recent days.

So I ask you: Do you really feel more in control of yourself, or feel better about life in general, knowing that "impossible" can also be written as "I m possible," or that "anger" is just one letter removed from "DAnger"?

In any case, remember: "guru," when properly pronounced, sorta rhymes with "screw you."


Jim said...


I saw this video today and I thought of you:


I think you might enjoy it. BTW, do you know who the other people are on stage? Is the blonde woman Rhonda Byrne? She did not look amused...

Steve Salerno said...

The blonde is hooker-turned-Jesuit Annie Lobert. There's Deepak, of course, and I believe the moderator is none other than my own Dan Harris (? I think I recognize the voice).

Voltaire said...

Well, when you consider that playing word games is the standard technique of gurus without substance then playing around with spellings of words should come as no surprise.

As far as feeling better about things like "there's no I in team", all it does make me feel worse. It angers me because it's just cheap manipulation, and I hold people who say things like with the same respect I have for a diaper that needs changing.

Anonymous said...

The old chestnut that there is no "i" in team was refuted by an old teammate of mine who replied to the offending coach with the following:

There may not be an "i" in team, but there's "m' and there's an "e" and that spells me, which leaves the team with just the 't" and the "a", which spells "ta' as in "ta-ta". Conclusion: without me, its ta-ta for the team.

That was the last time the coach tried the "there's no i in team" BS.