Monday, February 07, 2011

Has Virtue been rewarded?

UPDATE, Saturday, Feb. 26. So today she tweets (now over 18,000 followers):

Your loving energy flows through your entire body and can be directed at will.
I want to hear from anyone who is actually reassured, or even affected, by that in any way. I want to know how and why. (I'd also like to hear from poor Will ... yuk, yuk ...)


Doreen Virtue

Author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, & other mind-body-spirit issues.

I realize that there are certainly better examples than this, many of which we've covered on this very blog ... but just yesterday I ran across the Twitter account depicted above, and it still drives me nuts that such an individual, who admits publicly and without apparent shame to having written "more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, & other mind-body-spirit issues," has managed to accumulate almost 17,000 followers on Twitter. And, again, this is one of the lesser lights of that whole scene. Meanwhile, the brilliant Michael Shermer, who fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the scientific way, clocks in at around eleven-five.

Remind me to tell Michael he needs to start writing more about crystal chakras or whatever the hell it is.


Jenny said...

Twitter has become a thorn in my side. I have one follower (who is as faithful as they come) and no idea how to attract others. Maybe there's some special Twitter "law of attraction" that I'm not privy to? Anyway, I'm not looking for an angelchakra-like cult following, just someone besides my one follower to tweet to. Any takers? I am jenlsk and follow both Steve and Connie.

A Faithful SHAMblogger

Dave said...

You got that one right.

Off to get my qui aligned now...

Jenny said...

Steve, thanks for hearing (and responding to!) my SHAMeless self-promotion! I am mystified by Twitter. My other follower, Joe, says his wife has over 1,000 followers. His explanation? She talks a lot! (Maybe he meant "tweets" a lot?) In any case, thank you.

RevRon's Rants said...

"Remind me to tell Michael he needs to start writing more about crystal chakras or whatever the hell it is."

Perhaps adopting an attractive female online persona would help, as well. :-)

Cosmic Connie said...

Amen, Steve.

Then again, "real" celebrities often have millions of followers, just 'cos they're famous. For most people, though, gathering a lot of followers takes conscious effort -- sometimes a lot of effort -- whether one does it manually or by using some automatic system.

I've been on Twitter nearly 3 years now and have yet to reach the 400 mark. However, I imagine that if everyone who initially followed me were still following me, I'd have at least a few thousand. But some people automatically "unfollow" when you don't follow them back, and I rarely follow anyone back.

I follow relatively few people because I actually care about what the people I follow are saying. And if I automatically followed everyone who followed me, I would miss a lot. As it is, I'm not on Twitter every day so I still miss a lot.

I imagine that many people who follow everyone who follows them don't care all that much about what their followees are tweeting; they just want to keep their numbers up.

But Jenny, I will find your Twitter page and will follow you. I don't want you to be alone in the Twitterverse. :-)

RevRon's Rants said...

I frequently cull my list of followers, removing those who follow and are followed by a gazillion people. I also remove (and block) the obvious hustledorks. As a matter of fact, the only ones I allow to remain are those whose interests and perspectives somehow intersect (but not necessarily agree) with my own. Keeps my list down to approximately 50 people, and I only follow half that many. Key factor is that I don't use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Gary said...

RevRon, I think you made a very important point about Twitter. This whole ambition to "collect followers" leads one to question what is the underlying need. I know a few people who spew several jokes a day, and they've gathered thousands of viewers who look to get a couple of quick laughs every so often. Certainly Twitter makes for a very strong marketing tool if you are dedicated to be consistent. But outside of that... isn't it more of just a convenient way of keeping in touch with people who know, with short messages? A kind of cell phone text message to your "group"?

Anyway, it is amusing how this Doreen Virtue has over 17k followers on Twitter... That's huge relative to people in the hundreds, but of course there are people like Conan O'Brien who have almost 200k followers, and Barak Obama with over 6.6 million, but of course for good reason. Virtue having 17k? Well, the world is full of doe eyed gullible people and plenty of idiots... Frankly, I'm not surprised.