Wednesday, February 02, 2011

'Shoddy tweet'?

UPDATE, Thurs., 9:30 a.m. I'm now following Mark Victor Hansen, too, which occasioned this direct message from him:

Aspire to inspire! You can join me on facebook too!| In a world of crisis U R The Solution! Check out my new book!
So in a world of crisis, I'm the solution, huh? He didn't seem to feel that way about me the time we engaged on Anderson Cooper....


I'm now following Dr. Bob Proctor* on Twitter, and he was kind enough to send me the following private message:
Thanks for following! Please take the time to watch the special video I made for you:
The link doesn't workI get a "not found on this server" errorbut it does supply the title of the intended page, "Bob Proctors [sic] Success Secrets." Much as I'd like to think Bob has a special place for me in his heart, one supposes that the direct message I got is an auto-reply to all new followers; at one time, no doubt, a fully functioning version of it took you to someplace like here, a page that, as you can see, is chock full of ways to entice, and eventually extract money from, visiting marks. These guys don't miss a trick, do they? Or as poor duped Ned confronted Matty during that pivotal late scene in Body Heat (his words evincing the deliciously wicked sexual tension that Larry Kasdan's brilliant script generates throughout), "You never quit, do you? You just keep on coming."

I once wrote about Proctor (and Joe Vitale, and a pre-Sedona James Ray) for The Wall Street Journal; he was among of the first alumni of The Secret to perceive a growth opportunity in the book's failure to usher in the era of untold prosperity one might have expected, based on Rhonda Byrne's lavish promises for her brainchild. Interestingly, I got a bit of hate email in response to the piece. "You just don't want people to be more successful than you are, do you!", fumed one critic.

Yes, that's it in a nutshell. I hate success in any form, especially when it's happening to others. I am, in fact, the devil. You heard it here first.

* and I always thought there was something about the name Proctor, especially the first syllable, that suited him to a T.


Cosmic Connie said...

I am pretty sure that the "Dr. Bob Proctor" you are following is not the real Scientist Bob Proctor, noted quantum physics expert and star of The Secret (who nonetheless had no compunction about throwing The Secret under the bus when he needed a new cash op).

For one thing, as far as I know, the elder statesman of the New-Wage industry has no doctorate, real or phony, and has never applied the title "Dr." to himself.

Over the past couple of years there have been several imitation Bob Proctor sites that I know of on Twitter, as one person or another tries to cash in on Proctor's name.
But I think this is his current Twitter account:

I guess he isn't a big enough celebrity to have a "verified account."

I've never made any effort to bump up my following on Twitter, but for those to whom this is an important thing -- and I'm guessing that would include most New-Wage superstars, wannabes, and random hustledorks -- there are tools whereby you can have a bot automatically send a "personalized" message to every new follower. Like you said, these guys don't miss a trick. In this case, though, it's probably a lame Bob Proctor imitator who's trying to form a fake personal relationship with you.

I hear you about the backlash to criticism. To the true believers, critics are haters, and we hate success and money more than anything. And that just inspires more hatred from those who claim to be full of love and light.

Kathryn Price said...


Re Proctor: "The Most Compelling And Closely-Guarded Total Success Technique Ever Exposed"--

Success is dangled as a stand alone proposition. It does not grow organically from a set of circumstances, it is applied topically and voila! Byrne's books makes no distinction between someone like Einstein and a business tycoon, even though being Einstein requires a different set of criteria. Who closely guards (and guarded) the technique Proctor now offers, I wonder. Why are they suddenly willing to distribute it to the masses? Surely they don't need the cash if they are a "massive" success, as Proctor describes himself.

And a question occurs to me as a result of discussions on The Power review: what are these people going to do with something like mortality? It has been implied that mortality is a result of negative thinking. In light of that, I wonder how the eulogies of "the masters" will read. If one of them gets cancer, they will have to concede that they attracted it. I don't mean to be morbid; the thought probably occurs to me because I was once a hospice volunteer, and so I dealt with mortality on a weekly basis.

I think that I detect, honestly, a whiff of hatred for life in these masters of LOA. Life is messy, it can hurt, there are no guarantees, and no matter how successful we are, we are still terribly fragile. Sometimes I don't like it, either. I still get mad at the AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) that killed my dad almost instantly. The man was just drinking his morning coffee and putting on his socks when it happened. It hurts me to think of it.

Is that what all this positive thinking is about, this fear of the "infection" of negative thoughts? Or am I looking into it too deeply? Probably it's just about the money.


RevRon's Rants said...

Never bothered to follow Proctor much, beyond the stuff Connie dug up for her blog. Just never got into the "scope" of his work. As we've discussed before, I've known Vitale for 17 years, and once worked with him. He still rates a "Negative Clank" as far as I'm concerned. That's probably because I hate success, too. Unless it's my own.

Body heat had dialog?? Back then, I usually muted the sound on the TV and popped in a cassette. :-)

Steve Salerno said...

Con: He doesn't call himself "Dr. Bob"? Could've sworn I'd heard him say that. In any case, the person I am following is this:!/Bob_D_Proctor

I looked at the other "Bob Proctors," including the one you reference, but figured this one had to be our boy based on the large following.

There's no rule that says he couldn't be using both, right?

Steve Salerno said...

Kathryn: First of all, I find it interesting that "law of attraction" acronymizes to LOA, which could be read, in (dyslexic?) text-speak, as "laughing off ass"?

Bob Proctor, the gentleman who inspired this very post, has addressed the concern you raise about mortality, at least in indirect fashion. He is famously on record as positing that "Disease cannot live in a body that is emotionally healthy." (Don't know if that's verbatim, but it's close.) So I guess we'll just all sit around and wait for Bob to achieve immortality, no?