Monday, May 30, 2011

You are free to read this. Or not.

I'm taking a break from my customary weekend habit of posting the latest installment of "Placebo" in order to post a link to this blog item by Sam Harris. It perfectly expresses my views on the subject of free will (although it does not express all of my views on the ramifications of a determinist system of thought; in fact, Harris makes what I regard as a naive assumption about the implications of deterministic thinking for the justice system, etc.).

Anyway, please read this.

(P.S. Thank you, Hilary.)


Tyro said...

Some provocative stuff there. Really makes you think about what we mean when we talk about desires, free will and even our identity itself. Certainly takes a jab at some cherished illusions.

Thanks for the link

Dimension Skipper said...

Sorry, off topic. Just thought this fit kind of better here rather than under the most current SHAMblog item on sportsthink...

Not saying it's world-shattering or great, but the following is possibly (probably?) up your alley and the alleys of many of your readers, Steve, so I just wanted to point it out...

Voices In The Family
The Dark Side of Happiness
(52 minutes)

(Eventually the June VitF program archive should end up at this link, but not until July. Just including it here now for future reference and convenience.)