Friday, September 30, 2011

Stressed-out over the Center?

A listener and previous "guest blogger" from Germany writes, of the Midwest Center:

I tried to click into the forums they established on their "stress center" homepage; I used to read and write there a few years ago. And I couldn't find it anymore! They changed the whole layout, and now there are no more forums, no hint or button, nothing. They also used to have free information there about all kinds of mental/psychological problems, which was quite helpful, but they took that out, too. Very weird. What is left now is just THE PROGRAM, advertisement and information and users' testimonies and how to purchase, but that's all. Or maybe I couldn't find it anymore because of my poor computer skills...!? However, this is suspicious to me. Although I found the program quite helpful then, this confirms what other commenters on your blog assumed: that THE PROGRAM has become just some kind of money machine... Do you have any information about this phenomenon?
A thought occurs in postscript: The program has become a money machine...? Which is why I'd direct interested readers to this site, which I find amusing and very much on-point, especially since it quotes from my SHAMblog "tribute" to the late David Bassett.

The missing forum is, in fact, here, under the "support" tab. But I ran this comment anyway because I'd be interested to hear from some new voices with regard to The Center. Anyone? Bueuuuller...?

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