Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Playboy gets clubbed.

You heard it here last: Your host will pat himself on the back for predicting (to himself) that NBC's much-promoted new show, The Playboy Club, would fall on its bunny tail and become road kill. The show was axed after just three episodes. As you might imagine, feminists and boycotting Christian groups took credit for its demise, but I really think that what killed this particular period piece (and why does that phrase sound funny/tacky in this connection?) was not moral outrage but rather something closer to moral ennuiwhich, and not coincidentally, is the same thing that's killing Hef's beloved magazine. In an era of sexting, booty calls, libidinous lady teachers and rampant hooking up (my kids tell me the latter phrase is somewhat passe by now)in an era when even stuffy SEC staffers are sitting at their desks watching internet porn (instead of watching out that Goldman Sachs isn't stealing its investors blind)nobody finds the idea of gals running around in bunny costumes that scandalous or even titillating (which is another word that sounds funny in this connection). Here in my neck-o'-the-woods, which is probably not that different from yours, kids are trading naked pics of themselves like we of my generation once traded baseball cards. And grown-ups who want glitz and/or glamor and/or sex can simply download any rapper's latest vid from iTunes or sign into YouTube and see what's trending in the adult section.

So who was going to watch this show?

(Pictured, btw, is prototypical feminist Gloria Steinem during her bunny days.)


Cal said...

I read where Steinem took a negative view of the show even before it aired. She said it was an awful place to work at all. I've never read her article about working there. Hopefully, it's available on the 'Net somewhere.

I'd be interested in your views about the Occupy Wall Street protests, since you mentioned Goldman Sachs. The Money Honey #2, Erin Burnett, left CNBC to go to CNN to have her own show at 7PM. The first piece she did on her first show on the protesters is being panned by many as condescending. And she didn't give a disclaimer that she's engaged to a Citigroup executive (who she met when she worked there, after originally working for Goldman after college). And it doesn't help that she grew up very wealthy herself and went to boarding school and Williams College.

I've seen the Fox Business Network's coverage of the protests, and it's worse as far as insulting the protesters. But I expected it from them.

I remember when the Vanessa Williams pics that came out in Penthouse way back when. I wasn't 18 yet, so someone who was that age had to buy the magazine so people my age could see them. Those pictures look like the Disney Channel in comparison to what I can find by typing in the wrong Web address by mistake. (The Web site was a porn site for a long time. It was a joke to tell someone to go to years ago.) I just wish I had someone purchase a couple copies of that issue just to have as a collectors' item.

Steve Salerno said...

Cal, so many themes, so little time.

Steinem wrote an article, famous in literary circles, called "A Bunny's Tale." I believe she wrote it in the early 60s after "going undercover" at Playboy. (She was foxy enough to pull it off at the time.) I'm sure you can Google it.

Hard for me to comment on the protesters themselves, but I definitely have a major gripe with Wall Street. It may seem unfair to paint with such a broad brush--I'm reminded of Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone piece, "Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?"--but really, Cal, some of what's come out about the business-as-usual practices at major investment banks is pretty disgusting, and hard to just dismiss as aberrational behavior. And then we have situations like where that SEC investigator (Gary Aguirre) apparently got fired for coming too close to touching a Wall Street untouchable (John Mack). The more I learn about the Street, the more I think it's all rigged against the little guy.

Yeah, it's funny how mores flex and/or "evolve." Vanessa Williams basically got banned from the A-list for a time for taking pix that suggested she was getting cozy with another gal. Today we pay good money to see such liaisons.

Anonymous said...

What's this witch hunt with the teachers?
Any of the kids at my school would have happily gang banged with those ladies.
You would have wanted it too at 14.

The law is of line with human nature.

a/good/lysstener said...

Personally I always thought I'd look tres cute in a bunny costume. Maybe for Halloween? ;-)

Anonymous said...

So what are you saying? It's a good thing that we've gotten so jaded and sex-obsessed or not?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the show just wasn't very good. It could have had a period appeal in a "Mad Man" sort of way, but much of it was simply silly (e.g., killing mob boss with a high heel - really?). That being said, anything relating to sex in it DID seem oddly quaint. Maybe it was just the bad writing...

Anonymous said...

Then again, maybe those ladies do belong behind bars. Complex issue, easy to be glib about stuff on the internet that is a long way away - especially after watching prison documentaries and thinking maybe what's going down isn't fulfillment of schoolboy fantasy.