Sunday, February 19, 2012

God help us all.

I vowed to stay clear of politics here, at least till things get hotter and heavier toward the fall, but I am already so sick of hearing guys like Rick Santorum (and to a lesser extent, Romney) damn Obama for having "a different theology" from the uber-Christian one that's presumably supposed to underlie American political life. And I'm just as sick of hearing the right-wing talking heads defend Santorum's theocracy-speak and overall hyper-religiosity by saying things like "God informs my life as well, and it's time for men of principle to step up." (Michael Medved is a particular irritant, even though he irritates from the Judaic side of the ledger.) What's more, when they make such remarks, they tend to uphold them under the mantle of "religious freedom." They'll bloviate about how God's law requires them to take a stand against condoms for teens or abortion on demand or gay marriage or what-have-you.

They see nothing wrong with injecting those religious principles into public/government life.
That's bad enough for starters.

But see, what they really mean by "God" is "MY Evangelical God." Would they be as spiritually tolerant if the God being upheld were, say, Allah? How would they feel about a devout follower of the Qu'ran who spoke openly about how his God compels him to smite the infidels or insists that women walk around on 90-degree days in the equivalent of a multi-layered full-body tent?

Why do these people not see the absurd subjective bias in their position? If religious freedom means anything at all, it means "my right to worship whichever God I want...or no God at all." It also means "my right to be free of YOUR God."

But if you asked these jokers, I'm sure they'd unflinchingly agree (at least among themselves, if not for public consumption) that "My God is the God," i.e. the One True God.

I'm somewhat reminded of the Founding Fathers, who wrote of the inalienable rights that were self-evident and conferred by a "Creator," and who then amplified on that position with such timeless lines as "All men are created equal"...when what they really meant was "all white men" (meaning literally men, and not white women, either). They didn't see the contradiction or the hypocrisy. The only saw what they could see through their obfuscatory filter of God-given moral certitude.


RevRon's Rants said...

What the current crop of evangelical candidates seems to forget is that religious influence upon the state is and has always been a two-way street, and a hazardous one, at that.

If legislation and enforcement is guided by the dictates of one theological school, that school will eventually come under the dictates of the government. And, as history has repeatedly shown, the resulting governance rarely reflects the better aspects of the religion upon which it is supposedly based. When you consider just how un-Christian are so many of the far right's platform entries, it doesn't take a genius to guess where this marriage of dogma and democracy will end up. And it ain't pretty. Neither does it have anything to do with Christianity in its truest sense (Jesus-like).

Gary said...

You make some excellent points here. The hypocrisy hangs out in the open, smelling rank and offensive. And yet, who dares to stand up to them and call them out on their buffoonery? Well, apparently just blogs like this one. The media has become so inept, partisan, and jaded by backers that it's hard to really believe most of it. And it's a deep shame how those who become so skilled at weeding through the bullshit end up dying (Tim Russert), making foolish mistakes (Ron Paul), or simply give up (too many to mention).

Religion has NO PLACE in politics. Europe learned that the hard way. Their politicians don't pontificate their religious ideals for policy promotion or campaign posturing. But ours sure do.

"Go forth and multiply," was God's commandment in the Bible. Notice there was no addendum to this, such as "but be wise with your populations that you not ravage the Earth of its resources faster than they be replenished." Anybody who has researched the subject of overpopulation will undoubtedly bump into the Easter Island case example, whereby the people overpopulated the island until the resources were completely exploited, leaving people the choice of flee or die. Yes, it is our birth right to procreate, but indiscriminately?

Society has been suffering a breakdown of moral fiber. The industrial revolution started it and the technological revolution exacerbated it. Extended families have been scattered. Parents don't spend enough quality time with their children to impart proper values. As such, society has to constantly come up with reactionary ways to deal with the character flaws and lack of understanding that pervade our society. If the Bible thumpers are upset about condoms being offered to adolescents, then why are they not parading in the streets about sex out of wedlock? That's the REAL problem they have on their hands, yet they won't tolerate the stop-gap measure of condom use. Idiots, the lot of them.

Jenny said...

Steve, you're way ahead of me. I've been ignoring most of the political scene lately, just not interested and am unwilling to tune in just in case a whiff of something new or different is said in the midst of all the posturing, pontificating, and bloviating (great word). Not that something new or different is not there; perhaps it is, but so far I've not been willing to pay much attention to any of it.

That said, is really good to hear you talking about what is on many of our hearts and minds. A different theology indeed. Thank you.

By the way, the captcha process here is quite frustrating. I've tried sending this comment multiple times. Now I think I see what the problem is, too; it seems if you look at a preview, the captcha characters get shuffled around again and yet the preview window that pops up covers the area where you type them in, so you have to close the preview window, go back into editing mode, and try again to prove you're not a robot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jenny, thems new captchas suck.

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They are not even funny, the way they used to be. Itsust repang, really? Sheesh.