Friday, August 31, 2012

A man's got to know his limitations.*

As regulars know, I'm not a big GOP fan. That said, I think Clint Eastwood's convention gig last night could've easily transcended its initial thematic weirdness if Clint himself didn't come off as such a senile old coot. Holy crap, how the mighty have fallen. It was nigh impossible to picture this frail, incoherent fumbler as the uber-cool Harry, pointing his behemoth of a sidearm at that last bank robber and asking, "Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya...?"

One never wants to tempt fate, but watching poor befuddled Clint, it occurred to me that there are at least a few people out there who haven't (so far as we know) had strokes who sound a whole lot more mentally impaired than yours truly.

* This is the most obscure of the Dirty Harry memes, from 1973's Magnum Force. As fans of the series will know, each film had its signature line, a la "Do you feel lucky?" and, of course, "Make my day."

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Anonymous said...

The Republicans should have selected Clint.

Even in his incoherent vacuous monologue he still made more sense than Santorum,Gingrich and the "anointed one" made put together during their whistlestop tour of the US trying to whip up support from the ill-informed.

If America wakes up in 2013 with President Romney at the helm the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will need to add another song to its repertoire: "God Spare America."