Thursday, January 10, 2013

HOF = 'hypocrites on fire'?

Given yesterday's Hall of Fame*  protest vote, I thought I'd resuscitate my 2006 Los Angeles Times column on Barry Bonds. (A few writers actually turned in blank ballots; I mean, how lame is that?)

We still have no clear and consistent definition of what constitutes an artificial or unfair advantage, or even what constitutes a disability that we're permitted to offset for the purposes of competition. We allow bionic athletes like Oscar Pistorius to run in the Olympics on high-tech feet, yet we penalize athletes who do nothing more sinister than get maximum mileage out of their very own blood.

Come to think of it, the same applies to beauty contests. Why should entrants be allowed to have their bodies tweaked? If you go under the surgeon's knife and instruct the doc to make you look like the very-much-in-the-news Katherine Webb, then you enroll in the Miss America pageant, isn't that dirty pool?

All of which goes back to finding a workable definition of Self, which is another largely philosophical matter we've tackled on this blog.

Just thinkin' out-loud on a very busy morning, folks.

* the titular HOF, above.

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