Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The wizardry of Oz.

This New Yorker piece about Dr. Mehmet Oz is elegantly written, as New Yorker pieces are wont to be, but it takes 9000 words (and that's not sarcasm or hyperbole) to say what I said in under 900 in the somewhat more blue-collar New York Daily News back in 2010, when Oz was up for his first Emmy. And some of those 9000 words represent digressions from the core of what people really need to understand about this guy. How 'bout a few less words on in-laws and such, and a few more words on the dangerous movement Oz symbolizes?


Cal said...

You may have to write an op-ed about Dr. Drew Pinsky now. Mindy McCready is the fifth person on one of his "Rehab" shows to have died, according to press reports.

Dr. Drew seems to be the go-to guy when psychiatric issues are discussed in the national media.

Steve Salerno said...

This is the good Dr. Drew's second brush with infamy (of a sort) in recent times. During the course of the government's massive investigation of Glaxo (which raked in a fortune by covertly hyping drugs for off-label uses), it came to light that GSK paid Pinsky $275,000 to talk up Wellbutrin. Interestingly, it has long been known than in some patients, particularly teens and young adults, improper use of antidepressants can cause a "paradoxical reacttion," spurring utter hopelessness and even suicide. Hmmm.