Wednesday, May 01, 2013

PMA's* latest wild pitch.

Vindication is fun, but it seldom comes as fast as it did for me with Roy Halladay. The kind of vindication to which I refer is the kind you get when that asshole who was driving on your tail at 88 mph swerves past you (almost clipping your rear bumper), gives you the finger...then a mile or so ahead gets pulled over by the state police. You can't help but smile, and maybe even wave, as you drive by the scene moments later. I had an analogous drive-by moment this morning, courtesy of Mr. Halladay.

For the benefit of Islamic terrorists and other non-baseball fans, Roy Halladay has long been one of the best pitchers of our time, and probably any time. But he's getting up in years now (for a ballplayer), and he got off to a horrific start this season. Then suddenly he threw a few solid games in a row, so naturally this had to be turned into an inspirational moment, a teachable moment, by someone. (If you're new to the blog, we call such phenomena Sportsthink.) That someone was, which on Monday ran a feature about how Halladay rediscovered his old indomitable self by making a mental visit to the thinking of the late, supposedly great sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman. In fairness, this was not the first time Halladay lauded Dorfman; in fact, he once credited the psychologist with turning his entire career around, back when he was a much younger man...a much younger man who could still throw a mid-90s fastball, I might add.

Dorfman died in 2011, but, observes, "Fortunately for Halladay, he saved nearly every email exchange with Dorfman over the last five years of his life." So the pitcher went back and reread those pearls of wisdom just prior to his start of April 14, which, as it happens, became Halladay's first good performance of the year. He followed it up with two more good games.

Then last nightwhich, need I remind you, is just 24 hours after the piece ranHalladay, with his newfound mental toughness presumably intact, went out and took a historic drubbing at the hands of the Cleveland Indians. The Indians bombed him for eight runs on nine hits in under four innings. Three of those nine hits became souvenirs for outfield fans. (Again, for the jihadists, that means they were home runs.)

Hey Roy...maybe you need to go back and read those emails again? (Or maybe the Cleveland hitters somehow got hold of Halladay's notes? Should this be investigated!?)

Bullshit piled atop bullshit, day after day, week after week.
*That's positive mental attitude, folks. 

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Dimension Skipper said...

Definitely relevant to PMA...

Is Cancer A Gift?
By Barbara J. King (at NPR's 13.7 Cosmos & Culture blog under the topic of 'philosphy')

Within the item, Ms. King quotes friend Lisa Bonchek Adams:

A gift is something you want to share.

Something you want to give to someone else.

Something [about which] you say "Next time I need to give a special gift to show someone I care, this is what I want to give."

Cancer is not that thing.

Language matters.

The words we use to describe illness, death, and emotion are important — we should choose them carefully.