Thursday, May 16, 2013

The GOP has plenty of mud...but no clue.

The GOP has evolved from being the much-maligned Party of No to being the Party of NO FAIR! determined as conservatives are to manufacture some kind of poor-man's "...Gate" out of everything the Obama administration does or doesn't do (or merely anything that occurs on Obama's watch).

This, if it continues, will not fly with American voters, and bodes very well indeed for the Dems in both next year's midterms and the presidential election of 2016. (The GOP mud-slinging excites the rabid base but nauseates everyone else. And the thicker the mud gets, the more transparent it becomes as well.) Unfortunately, in the meantime this tactic also bodes for societal stasis, a near-total lack of the federal governance thatlike it or notis much-needed at the moment. Immigration, guns, health care, the budget...there are just too many vital issues begging for our attention to have the whole thing drowned out by the febrile, never-ending sturm and drang of aggrieved right-wingers.

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