Monday, June 24, 2013

A word or two for Lucinda Bassett...from your favorite vicious, aggressive,provocative, lying blogger.

Courtesy of one of our regularswho also happens to have some first-hand knowledge of Lucinda BassettI received today this quote from page 258 of Lucinda/Cindy's new book, Truth Be Told: A Memoir of Success, Suicide, and Survival.

Though she does not mention me by nameand I hope I'm not being self-aggrandizing in assuming that she's referring to meI have to think her use of the word sham is intentional. Here's the passage, in which she writes of her son's accidental discovery of my blog.

He'd been looking for something on the Internet and found a blog full of speculation and misinformation about how and why his father had killed himself. An aggressive blogger, a guy who apparently likes to write vicious, untrue blogs about people in an attempt to provoke a response, wrote that David committed suicide in our own backyard. Then he said that he killed himself because he knew our product was a sham."
"Mom, get that stuff about Dad off the Internet!"  Sammy shouted through his tears.
A few things. Assuming she's talking about me, she's specifically talking about my post, "A Death in Malibu," current holder of this blog's all-time record for most comments. Note that I do not say that David Bassett killed himself in their "own backyard." I say, in my first line, no less, "This past June 7, 53-year-old David Bassett walked onto a California beach and ended his life with a shotgun." That is not speculation. It is based on information contained in the June 12, 2008 edition of the Malibu Surfside News, and a follow-up conversation with the newspaper's very hands-on publisher, Anne Soble. Ms. Soble had spoken to the coroner. And insofar as whether I correctly identified David's tool of choice, here is a screen shot of Lucinda herself, writing on her own web site dedicated to the book
While most people who commit suicide use a firearm over every other method combined, solving that problem isn’t as simple as removing guns from the home. That’s what we did for David and he was still able to get a hold of a shotgun.
So I had the general location right, and I had the gun right. ... Where's the misinformation?

And now we have my supposed contention that David killed himself "because he knew our product was a sham." Sigh. I did not say anything of the kind, and there was no "speculation" to that effect. I simply noted the irony: One would expect people hawking a foolproof method for beating anxiety and depression (as per the tenor of their own advertising) to be able to use that proprietary methodology to beat their personal demons. But faithful readers will know that I have recently rethought that whole proposition and changed my emphasis. See my previous post, in fact.

In closing, though I have no proof here, I choose to think that Cindy Bassett is talking about me. (I'd heard from several sources that she was upset about my blog.) I also choose to think that her coloring of what I said epitomizes her general disregard for truth, and her inclination to rewrite history in whatever way suits her needs of the moment. The individual who sent me this tip contends that her book is full of such rewritten history, so even if she's not writing about me here...I'm still right.

I suspect there is a good deal of convenient untruth in Truth Be Told..

More to come...

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Jenny said...

I wonder, was he on medication when he took his own life? I can understand people being upset about your blog post (I read the older one along with the comments) and yet clearly you were not just picking on a random suicide victim. I did not (and do not) view your interest as cruel or out of line, considering your book, your research, and history. The reason I ask about medication is because some of them are definitely linked to successful suicides. For example, here is a recent article:
Who's Left Behind When a Soldier Commits Suicide?
The surviving spouse believes the drug Ambien played a role in the death.