Sunday, June 08, 2014

A few words on academic freedom (a.k.a. the professor's unabridged right to tell students what to think).

From today's Morning Call opinion section.

This as regulars will know is a pet peeve of mine. 


Henriette said...

I read your piece and agree. As an academic, I teach writing and lit, it pains me that my colleagues think shoving their politics and values down their students' throats is a natural right. Unfortunately, students are now coming into classes trying to guess what the given prof's preferences are in order to get better grades. Students are now afraid to really ask questions and explore topics due to this horrid habit.

I also thought David Brat, an economics professor, who beat Eric Cantor. I wonder what he is like in a classroom.

Steve Salerno said...

That's a good point, Henriette. He must be a big hit at faculty meetings (especially when he runs into his opponent, who teaches at the same college). But at least the students probably get a mix of ideas.

Myself, I like to play devil's advocate a lot, and I will do it on almost any subject, no matter which POV the student(s) take(s). I end up voicing some pretty odd thoughts now and then. Maybe not just now and then. I'm sure some of my students wonder about my sanity.

Henriette said...

I've got a lot of respect for that college for having David Brat on staff. Most colleges are extremely liberal and do not tolerate views like Brat's.

Steve Salerno said...

I guess they just see him as the campus...uh...brat. God that was bad.