Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On volunteering to be raped (UPDATE).

The ad pictured at left is the kind of fare that drives me wild because of the ambiguity. It's part of a public-awareness campaign in opposition to Florida's proposed medical-marijuana law. Although the thrust of the ad, no pun intended, has more to do with drugs than with "date rape" (notice the quotes) per se, it still leaves me scratching my head over its implications.

Does the depiction of the cookies in his back pocket suggest that he's going to "slip her" the pot to render her more tractable?...which I think we'd all agree is rape, period. Or does it simply mean that a woman who has sex after consuming a mind-altering substance has been "raped," even if both the consumption of the substance and the participation in the sex were consensual at the time?

We need to be clearer in what we're saying, even when we're just using rape (really, exploiting it) as an example of the dangers of something else.


Anonymous said...

This is disgraceful on your part.

Steve Salerno said...

What is disgraceful on my part? You people have me mystified. Does the mere fact of a man commenting on the subject of rape, and/or the way it's played, so incense you that you can't think straight?

Having said that, let me know what I did wrong. I would like to understand.