Friday, October 16, 2015

To my anonymous (but easily identifiable) harasser....

You think you're so clever, but your activities are entirely transparent. (See sample screen shot below.) 

Let's summarize the other day's mischief, shall we? I've got the whole of it if I need it, all time-stamped for easy reference. After several brief visits to the blog in the wee hours of Oct. 14, you began stalking in earnest at 5:11 a.m. on the post where you left your charming comments; you went to my profile, then stopped by Journalismpro and my Random House author page before leaving your final comment a hair after 6 a.m. Below is a small sampling of your online activities (and this doesn't drill down as deeply as my other report). Nor will you benefit by trying to "hide" at this point; it will make no difference in your visibility to me, now that you're being tracked by me as well as by others who need to know. We've got you and your machines fully vectored in by GPS-longitude/latitude. I know what Web page you're on before you soil my blog, and I know where you go when you leave (without wiping, ahem). You might say it's almost as if I'm looking over your shoulder as your malevolent fingers fly across the keyboard of one of your laptops. Speaking of which, you've used at least two to harass me, both running Windows 7 and Firefox 41, one standard resolution and one wider-screen. Ring a bell?

You're right about one thing: Today's info-tech is amazing.

Wise up, take your meds, live and let live. Please. Let's stop this before it gets out of hand.


roger o'keefe said...

Whoaa, Steve, what's going on? You need some professional help on this one? Looks like you've got the high-tech end covered, but if you need other kinds of assistance, you know where to find me if you need me. I know people who know people.

Anonymous said...

That's why they pay you the big bucks Steve, right, to deal with this kind of abuse? :-)

Steve Salerno said...

Thanks, Roger. I'll keep that in mind. You "know people who know people," eh? That sounds like something my people would say... wink