Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rape culture and the rape of the U.S. Constitution.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy (and that also, I'm fairly sure, resulted in my being blacklisted at Lehigh University, where I was once a respected and top-rated visiting professor attached to the department of journalism). I believe this story should make all fair-minded people crazy regardless of gender or political persuasion.

Let one gal upload a video of herself being whistled at on a city street, or one filmmaker put together a tendentious and thoroughly one-sided "documentary" on the alleged rape culture on American campuses...and you get wall-to-wall coverage on the morning shows, special reports on CNN, etc. Editorial writers bloviate. The president and vice president weigh in; the latter, in fact, makes an impassioned speech at the Oscars in support of the aforementioned film and its agenda.
But here we have a devastating report from the 47,000-member American Association of University Professors on how the federal government and campus leadership have conspired to use Title IX as a bludgeon against men/fraternities in a way that shreds the U.S. Constitution, creating an all too real climate of "guilty till proven innocent"...and I hear...nothing. (Have you?) 

No one covers it. 

In a society where Donald Trump can get a full week of media mileage out of touting the sufficiency of his man-parts or commenting on Megyn Kelly's hypothetical menstrual miff, how can no one be interested in this? Even leaving aside the PC land mines, this is a topic that touches on so many issues so integral to the practice of journalism itself: freedom of speech, censorship, balance/bias, and so forth. 

I'm just stunned. Maybe not shocked anymore. But stunned nevertheless. 
* The college poster above, by the way, illustrates how unabashed is today's campus counterattack on rape culture. Look at the premise posed: Jake and Josie are both drunk. Sex happens. Jake is guilty of rape. ... Why? Do we know that Jake was the aggressor? Was Jake, despite his drunkenness, capable of giving his consent if Josie made the first move? If they just sort of eased into sex, are they not mutually culpable? Bottom line, one marvels at the one-sidedness, the misandry, built into this actual collegiate campaign.

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Cosmic Connie said...

There should indeed be more coverage of, and open discussion about, these matters. It's hard to speak honestly without offending someone, but suppression of these issues has unfortunately given the real misogynists/potential rapists (and the racists, for that matter) more ammo, bolstering their persecution complexes and making things more difficult for real victims.

I touched on some of these matters too in this rather long and rambling post, which I cobbled together from several Facebook posts (and for my efforts, I've gotten one comment so far, from a person who said I am "tired and boring" :-)).