Monday, April 18, 2016

Donald Trump: explained. (Hint: He's Tony Robbins.)

To echo what I just tweeted (I say such things lest people think I'm unaware of recycling my words), I am extremely pleased/proud that my fine editor at the New York Daily News, Josh Greenman, saw fit to publish my piece on Donald Trump on the eve of the New York primaries. 


Elka said...

Congratulations, Steve, on your fine piece. Hope more assignments follow!

When Trump becomes the Empowerer-in-Chief, we will be so tremendously empowered that all this empowerment will keep coming out of our ears, eyes, and whatever, and we'll beg him to stop empowering us so much. Just you wait.


P.S. Thanks again for your time and feedback the other day (week? sigh; memory fails).

Steve Salerno said...

"Coming out of our whatever..." Too funny, "Elka." Thank you.