Saturday, September 24, 2016

'It's not personal,'s strictly business.'

I am not one who views the so-called War on Terror as an apocalyptic battle between Good and Evilthe noble and cosmopolitan United State of America versus medieval savages. If there a God, and that God is Allah, ISIS may be right about us. (If God is possible, that too is We may well be the Great Satan, a nation of hyper-fornication and high finance, where the only real Almighty is the almighty buck. Furthermore, maybe they're correct in that we invited Islam's ire with our past colonialism and vast despoiling of their holy sites. Not a few of my students in Lehigh University's Global Studies program would agree.* 

I am willing to concede that if this is so, then maybe God (Allah) smiled on 9/11. Maybe we non-believers deserve every beheading, every acid bath, and worse. For who among us knows for certain if God exists and what He wants from us? Certainly I don't. Bottom line, I do not claim the high moral ground over radical Islam, the Koran, Sharia, etc.

But you know what? I don't care who's objectively/cosmically "right," if such a condition exists. I don't care if we're on the fast track to eternal damnation; I don't care if America has conducted itself with such hubris and impunity that we're now reaping our just desserts. I know only that I love America and (on balance) our American way of life. I love my grandchildren—adorable little apostates that they may be—and I want everything possible done to keep them safe. 

I am willing to cede to Islam the Afterlife as long as we prevail in this one.

So ISIS, if you're listening, I'm happy to let you have your caliphate...over there. Ditto Iran. By all means celebrate Islam in any way you choose. Kill the heretics, do what you will with your women-folk. It's not my concern, and it's no skin off my American nose, so to speak. Indeed, as I see it, the less my country gets embroiled in these far-flung entanglements and holy wars, the better off we are. As for humanitarian missions, I see plenty of candidates for such largess right here at home. No need to go to Aleppo; Appalachia calls.

But—I'm again addressing ISIS, Iran and the rest of radical Islam—if you insist on pursuing war against us, or even simply making my American dream fraught with anxiety, then I am adamant that you cease to be a threat. I will not learn to live with life as it's lived in Israel: being wary in airports or when I sit down to a nice dinner in a restaurant with my family. I want that wariness eliminated. By any means necessary, as Malcolm X once put it in another context. And understand, there's nothing personal about it; nothing at all. I don't hate you for hating me. Just as I don't hate the mosquito that I swat to prevent him from going about his mosquito's business. To reiterate, in some scriptural sense you may be better than I, or any other American, will ever be. I just insist on being able to live my American life without interference from you.

Even if it means that every last one of you, every man, woman or child who is part of your cause, must be dispersed in a thunderous tritium haze. And I want my president, the next president, to understand that that is how I feel.
* If you would like your horizons broadened as to the degree of American self-loathing rampant on America's college campuses, audit such a course someday. (In not a few classes it is part of the curriculum.) You'll be shocked, as I was...the first time.


Anonymous said...

I hear you Steve....


Anonymous said...

If you really are teaching Global Studies, Steve, then you owe it to your students to broaden your own horizons and look deeper into the real history of the 'exceptional' nation and its unwarranted meddling in the affairs of other sovereign nations.

Humanitarian missions, my arse! Resource and revenge wars, outright genocide and theft, stage-managed colour revolutions, wholesale funding of insurgents, all occluded by vomit-inducing blanket propaganda. Plenty of credible, referenced info available on it, just not in the NYT, WSJ, or any of your homegrown 'news' channels.

Another Londoner.

Steve Salerno said...

You have nothing to worry about, my UK friend. The perspective you enunciate in your comment is very much the authorized lens on America and globalism on virtually every campus in America (certainly every campus to which I've been attached); it is reflected in virtually every assignment given and in the nature of every text assigned for a given course. (I just tweeted about this the other day, as it happens, with regard to an assignment on which I'd been brought in as a tutor.) You remember the Columbia U. professor some years back who wished for "a million Mogadishus" as punishment for what he saw as the travesty of American foreign policy? That pretty much says it all. Not only do the bulk of my professorial colleagues not subscribe to the "exceptionalism" you reference (which is not my point at all), but many openly root for us to get our "just" comeuppance.

I am a tiny oasis of American non-self-hatred in the midst of just about every department of which I've been a part.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we're not seeing much of it here Steve, we've just got Trump Mania

Original Londoner

Steve Salerno said...

I am awash in Londoners.

Anonymous said...

London loves you Steve!

The first Londoner

Steve Salerno said...

Eh. Only certain wards.