Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hot off the Web: Kill the messenger, if you must, but...

...not (necessarily) his message.

My thoughts on how Trump's candicacy has suberverted the normal give-and-take of our multi-party system. There are debates we very much need to have that we are not having because Trump-the-man is such a turnoff.

From this morning's USAToday


Cosmic Connie said...

Excellent piece, Steve, and FWIW I am going to share it on Facebook. I do think it's appropriate to drop a reminder that the "deplorables" comment, which of course Clinton has since modified, was a reference to the actual bigots among Trump's support base (and there seem to be many), and wasn't meant to disparage all of his supporters and followers -- and certainly was not a reference to all Americans, despite the way the Trump campaign has spun it. But yes, Trump's candidacy has brought many deeper problems to the surface. I hope we will be able to fix them, though I am one of millions who sincerely believe that with Trump in the White House, the problems will only get worse.

This election is a real nail-biter.

Steve Salerno said...

Thank you as always, Connie. I have to say in all candor that early on, Trump animated something within me--something that media folk would probably spin as racism or sexism, thus placing me in the basket along with my fellow deplorables. But I know what I think and feel, and it wasn't racism or sexism or any kind of ism. It was a backlash against this postmodern notion that if you don't buy into today's social-justice causes lock, stock and barrel, and especially if you dare to challenge those movements in front of a class or via the written word, you're a Neanderthal. There are millions of good people who are dubious about the way today's cop-vs-minorities tensions are played, or who don't buy into rape culture, or who feel it's wrong to force their daughters to share a bathroom with a woman who has a penis.

So Trump's oratory--even as offensive as it was--was energizing. And in a sense, he was a metaphor for the very idea that is so near and dear to me: that all speech, especially the most offensive, needs to be protected. But now he's the GOP candidate, and up till a few weeks ago it looked like he actually had a shot, so that gave me pause.

Anonymous said...

It's Rodg, Steve, I think you sell the man short. He's not artful, he says what's on his mind, which to me is preferable to so much of the heavily politicized rhetoric, which is to say BS, we're used to. True sometimes people like that will put foot in mouth but in Trump's case I think we have to look beyond that to his policies and goals. I do not believe that liberal Democrats can restore America to an era of great prosperity. It's just not in their DNA to allow business to do business without interference. As soon as someone is successful enough to generate the profits that would allow expansion and new hiring, Dems will tax that profit away so it's no longer available for what expansion-minded businessmen would otherwise use it for. Even beyond all that, why on earth would anyone ever trust Hillary to get us back on the right track? The woman has been incompetent at everything she's tried, including being a wife who could keep her man at home. Sorry, had to get that in.

I don't know why I can't log back into my blogger account, the only thing I ever used it for was this blog. Aren't you flattered?

Anonymous said...

Aah Rodge, I missed you dude! So nice to read you here again.

Londoner..(the original)