Saturday, October 08, 2016

Suggested readings in nonconforming thought: a tantalizing trio with some brio.

Three bits of reading matter for you this morning. One, courtesy of long-time follower Londoner (the nice one, wink), describes the counterattack against campus orthodoxy led by UK students.
See, there are students who actually value free speech.
Funny, I'm reminded of my long-ago conversation with the editor who was working on the UK version of SHAM, and he candidly said he wondered if the book would catch on over there inasmuch as "we Brits are so cynical about this feel-good shit to begin with." (Maybe we were too hasty to declare our independence?)

Second and related, SJWs who enjoy quoting their favorite study about the panoply of injustices that afflict minorities might want to ask themselves:
Is social science really junk science?

And third, for those of you who just "know in your bones" that the criminal-justice system is rigged against blacks, there's this. Yes, it quotes more studies, but at least these studies are anchored in tangible facts, not perceptions or cute little interpersonal experiments that may or may not be repeatable.
The myth of criminal-justice racism.

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